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RoughDeck BPS

Built with rugged dependability for a lifetime of heavy use, this versatile roll-on barrel scale doubles as a pallet scale with its 3.5” high live rails supporting oversized loads for straddle weighments.

Barrels can be safely rolled onto the 1.5” high nonskid deck, or wheeled up the 9” ramp section with a barrel dolly.  Pallets and wider items up to 1000 lb can be loaded on the live rails with a forklift.  To prevent damage, the load cells and cables are recessed into structural steel channels. Even the 4-channel junction box is fully protected in the frame, yet is easily accessed.


RoughDeck HP

The RoughDeck HP Floor scale is NTEP certified Legal-For-Trade, for use in high –accuracy weighing.  Utilizing a rugged 6” structural steel channel frame and diamond treadplate safety deck, the RoughDeck HP will meet the demands of industrial users.

RoughDeck HP features a slide-out summing junction box which is protected from forks and the elements by the 6” steel channel frame.  All load cell cables are fully enclosed, alleviating danger of cable damage.  The load cells are also recessed within the steel channel providing protection on all sides, yet

RoughDeck QC

Quick Clean Stainless Steel Floor Scale

As easy to lift as the hood on your car, the RoughDeck QC provides an efficient mechanism for busy clean up personnel.

Ideal for food processing and other applications requiring frequent washdown, the RoughDeck QC provides easy underdeck cleaning by using two gas shock lifting cylinders to raise the top of the scale.  Once the deck is raised, a manual safety bar can be positioned and the underdeck area can be thoroughly washed out.



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